We are starting the New Year 2016 with exciting changes to our sessions branding and delivery.

Club Rhythm’s Vision is to improve the lives of our customers through a personalised and integrated approach to health and fitness. Pilates philosophy, Strength and Conditioning principles, a healthy balanced eating and the belief in the ancient saying Men Sana In Corpore Sano – A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body, represent the foundation of the club’s services.

To better reflect these fundamental values of the business we have prepared a series of changes to our sessions and we are excited to offer them to you starting March 2016.

The New Schedule starting in March will see the @TheBarre sessions replaced with our newly branded Pilates Fusion. The movements in this program will concentrate on toning the entire body while adding accessories (mini-stability ball, strength tubing, small weights, magic circle, foam roller and more!) to challenge strength, stability, balance and coordinations. The challenging sequences help produce exceptional results for both cardiovascular and muscular systems. Under the Pilates Fusion umbrella you will find:

Pilates Fusion balance

  • Sculpt & Tone – A low impact, high intensity workout to shape, strengthen and shrink your figure. There is noPilatesFusion stress on the joints or muscles and the results are seen remarkably fast.
  • Body Blast – Fun, energising and dynamic class designed to improve your cardio fitness, challenge & change your body. TheĀ  blend of Pilates, strength & conditioning and high intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques provides a full body workout.
  • Athletic Conditioning – This new training session focuses on functional fitness aiming to improve your total-body strength and power. With its foundation in the Pilates principles, the exercises will involve precision, control, strength, power, and agility. Great for anyone looking to do more load bearing exercises for stronger bones.

Similarly all of our Rhythm Pilates sessions will fall under Pilates Reformer and change their names as follows:

Pilates Reformer Adelaide

  • Pilates Reformer L1 – This Level 1 session is teaching you the Essential repertoire of Pilates Reformer, you will gain awareness of the proper body alignment needed to improve your posture. Develop your core strength, flexibility and balance, getting better and better at applying the Pilates principles.
  • Pilates Reformer L2 – This Level 2 session continue to build on endurance and core strength gained through the L1 session, while improving stamina and agility.
  • Reformer Cardio Tramp – This session is making use of the vertical mini trampoline and is designed to stimulate your cardiovascular and muscular effectiveness with a combination of progressive plyometric intervals.
  • Reformer Mobility & Release – This session is designed to improve your flexibility, mobility and posture helping you to create a fluid body. The Pilates Reformer equipment is enabling effective and deep stretching of your muscles, focusing on releasing all the tension in your body.

You will also notice starting in March, a new series of Pilates Beginners sessions to allow new customers or existing customers to develop and deepen their understanding of the Pilates principles and the enhanced movement quality developed through the Pilates regular practice.

These new sessions will be bundeled in packages or as part of our value-add memberships – the choice like always is yours! In the following weeks you will receive an email detailing the changes for your particular membership. We look forward to your comment and feedback.

We are pleased to announce that Justine and David are joning our Pilates team and are currentley finishing their training. Stay tunned for more information.

And what a better way to capture all these improvements than our New Website ready to be launched soon …

With Love from all of us at Club Rhythm – eat well, move well, think well!