The Horseback Pilates Experience  – October challenge is over but there is always a new challenge @clubrhythm because we like to keep our bodies moving #movewell … and when we also #eatwell and #thinkwell simply enjoy life … As It Should Be!

This November, Pilates exercise focus is dedicated to horse riders.  A special mention goes to Sandy our customer, a horse lover and rider, who finds that Pilates exercises help her re-align her body, improve balance, core strength and overall riding performance. Join Sandy and the rest of the tribe at Club Rhythm and saddle up, follow the trail and enter the world of Pilates Horse riding (click here for video). You could be trotting across tranquil valleys, riding along picturesque trails or even cantering on deserted beaches.… But for now we are inviting you to go beyond the ordinary and treat yourself to the ultimate Pilates Horseback Experience at Club Rhythm.

With stronger legs, core and shoulders from the #octoberchallenge  you can now discover new Pilates exercises but most importantly new ways to move, challenge and enjoy your own body. The challenges of any sport, including horse riding,  given to the human body can be helped by practicing the Pilates exercises.  Most importantly, Pilates is a great tool to not only improve the horse riders’ posture but also helping any rider to get a better connection to their horses through an increased body awareness.

The Horseback Pilates experience will require both strength of the lower body and mobility and strength of the spine in flexion. The first difficulty of the Horseback is the roundback shape of your spine.  You will try to scoop into your center and perfect your roundabck even more strongly … Many people call this shape “a teaser on steroids”. Like always, listen to your body, there will be lots of options. Have fun and enjoy the movement of your body while learning The Horseback Pilates exercise!

See you soon in the club and until then…

Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well ~ Club Rhythm Team