It has been done before…travel around the world, learn about new cultures, meet different people, as a challenge, for pleasure or for work… Phileas Fogg of London and his newly employed French valet Passepartout have done it… For them all started as a £20,000 wager in 1872 (our days equivalent of £2,075,400 ) set by friends at the Reform Club and captured in the fictional book “Around the World in 80 Days” by Jules Verne.

Prince couldn’t settle for anything more than circumventing the world in a day … so in April 1985 he released his new album Around the World in a Day featuring his backing band The Revolution.

We are doing it at Club Rhythm …particularly during the Adelaide’s cold winter days our customers love traveling in the most exotic places to get some sun and warmth on their bodies and soul. If you are traveling … enjoy, safe travels and see you soon back home!

But if you are in Adelaide and soldering through rain and windy days we are inviting you on a very different Around The World travel experience. It is the journey to one of the advanced Pilates Reformer exercise named Around the world in August @clubrhythm”.

And as the real, physical travel, the August focus Pilates Reformer exercises will help you develop original and creative thoughts…. broaden your horizons, enhance your tolerance for uncertainty, boosts up your confidence… simply put, using Prince’s words in the theme song: “Open your mind, open your heart”!

Expect to be challenged comfortably – uncomfortable, learn new exercises and while you will work your entire body in all planes of motion be ready for a strong core emphasis through the month, particularly your obliques. The internal obliques and external obliques help you perform a variety of different everyday functions including flexing/bending the torso forward and sideways, rotating the torso to both the right and left, and helping to provide stability to the hips and lower back.

Are you ready? Book you tickets aka Pilates Reformer sessions and get ready for the August Around the World @clubrhythm experience. See you soon in the club and until then…

Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well  ~ Club Rhythm Team