Pilates Reformer sessions are Club Rhythm’s specialty, providing a Pilates workout utilising the original Stott Pilates® Reformer equipment. Energise your body and calm your mind with Club Rhythm Pilates Reformer sessions. Workout through sensible challenges to improve your posture, breathing and overall sense of well-being.

  • Using spring resistance, the endless variety of bio-mechanical exercises will help you achieve a stronger core, toned & lean muscles and you will look leaner, feel taller, have a sense of empowerment and well being.
  • Maximum 8-10 people in a session!  Non-intimidating, supportive and fun, receiving constant encouragement and motivation. A total body workout in 50 min – the most effective workout in Adelaide for “time poor”people to strengthen and stretch their body all in one session.
  • “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a different body.” – Joseph Pilates, in 1965, age 86.




Start and finish your day with Zen (Dhyana) practice for everyday-life. De-stress , unplug, and reboot your thinking with Guided Meditation . Inspired from the Adelaide School of Practical Philosophy with deep roots in the Advaita Vedanta tradition, this practice will help you improve your productivity, efficiency and energy levels throughout the course of the day.

  • Develop  your awareness and awaken your “silent observer”.
  • Experience the deeply relaxing effect and explore the wisdom from the ancient Vedas.
  • Become more grounded and confident, be more productive and free of stress.
think well with meditation


If you are new to Club Rhythm, Pilates  Essentials is the best way to START experiencing Club Rhythm’s unique Pilates Reformer sessions and environment. Learn the Pilates fundamentals and the equipment utilised in this total exercise system. We would love to get to know you, your goals and how we can best support you. Start confidently on your path of changing your lifestyle. Feel straight away how your body gets stronger, while your mind is relaxing.

  • Build on endurance and core strength while improving stamina and agility.
  • Get maximum results in minimum time and work your entire body to maintain a pain free, performant body.
  • Personalised environment maximum 4-5 people in a session.


Come Alive with our signature full body workout designed to give you tone and strengthen your body.  Sweaty, Energizing and Strong. Best suited for anyone who has already experienced few Pilates Essentials sessions and ready to continue their Pilates Journey.

  • Develop your stamina, agility, strength and flexibility, all in one session.
  • You will get in touch with your ‘Core’ and learn to establish a mind-body connection.
  • Improve your cardio-vascular fitness, your strength and keep a limber body.
feel the power of a strong body
Side Splits Variation


This session is for anyone ready to take on the next level of challenge using the Pilates Reformer equipment. Best suited for the consistent Pilates exerciser loving to uncover their mental and physical strength. Feel empowered to tackle the challenges of everyday life.

  • Build on endurance and overall body strength while improving stamina and agility.
  • Empowered, Inspired, Glowing.
  • Abolish fat, rev your metabolism, and amplify strength.



We encourage everybody to lift weights and use the cardio equipment available in the club (indoor cycling, elliptical machines, fluid ergos).  Lifting weights can improve self-esteem and self-efficacy and can help dramatically with decreasing health risks later in life. Feel Strong, Flexible and Powerful and awaken the athlete in you.

  • Jump-start your metabolism with this high intensity, results-driven workout.
  • Boost your stamina and energy levels. Improve your cardiovascular health and fitness.
  • Best suited if you are looking to do more load bearing exercises for stronger bones.
pilates reformer mobility


This session is using the STOTT PILATES® Reformer equipment enabling effective and deep release of your muscles. Best suited for anyone wanting to release all the tension in their body and improve their mobility. Feel mobile, flexible…limber…mentally and physically.

  • A fluid practice linking breath and movement, aligning your body and balancing your strength with flexibility.
  • Soulful and sometimes sweaty, it will fell more flexible, relaxed and your mind calm, clear and focused.
  • Release tension, stretch, align and give your body the love it deserves.


Inspired from ZEN•GA, a unique mind-body modality by Merrithew Corporation a global leader in mind-body education, this Pilates Reformer session is using the the best of what Pilates, Yoga and Meditation have to offer .  You will fuel your mind and your body and develop strength through smooth and flowing transition. Feel taller and build a strong and free of tension body..

  • Develop strength, endurance, mobility and stability.
  • Develop breath and strength of mind and body.
  • Develop inner awareness as you focus your attention on your body’s abilities at the present moment.
pilates and yoga fusion
pilates for next generation


This is a Pilates session for youthful minds and souls. Joseph Pilates strongly believed and wrote a chapter in his book titled First educate the child! and recommended that children should learn the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. And in today’s modern society of iPads and video games, the health of our youth is becoming even more important than ever. Kids will learn to move free of tension and increase their resilience for everyday life challenges whilst gaining strength for sports.

  • A fun workout that focuses on proper form and execution to alleviate the unwanted stress and tension, from lack of activity and fitness.
  • Children will improve their physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing.
  • This session will help children to develop strength, flexibility, balance, stability, coordination, posture, bone & joint health and breath capacity.


This session delivers Pilates For Two . This program is designed to keep you Strong & Confident throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. You will receive physical and emotional support to prepare your body for pregnancy and birth while giving you the right combination of support systems for a quick recovery after the arrival of your baby.

  • Feel welcomed, energised and inspired to achieve your pre or post-pregnancy health goals.
  • Stay healthy and keep moving with pregnancy-safe exercises.
  • Ejoy a quick but safe recovery after the birth and improve your pelvic floor abdominal muscles strength (targeting abdominal separation).
power your mind and power your body


An express session 30min with a specific focus on your ABC – Arms, But and Core muscles. We use this class to build your backside- shape, sculpt, and build your arms, your  “behind”and your core using a high intensity with the use of a the Pilates Reformer and a variety of different props and other fitness equipment.

  • Strengthen and sculpt Arms, Butt and Core and help weight loss goals.
  • A strong but prevents injuries, and can make you stronger, faster, and healthier. Any time you have only one foot on the ground during standing, walking, running, or jumping, the gluteus medius ensures that the knee and pelvic alignments are protected and working harmoniously.
  • By core we mean the muscles of your stomach, sides of the stomach and the back. This is important as it forms the main body and is the support system. A strong core keeps one strong from inside.