Bouncebackability” entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 2005. Iain Dowie coined the word bouncebackability in the 2003-04 season when describing how his Crystal Palace team had gone from the fringes of relegation in December to winning promotion through the play-offs in May. It is used now to describe the ability to recover from bad circumstances.

Bouncebackability aka resilience helps you to deal with unexpected changes and challenges in your life. It’s not always possible to prevent stressful or adverse situations, but you can strengthen your capacity to deal with these challenges. This is exactly what Pilates for Bouncebackabiliy will do for you!

Pilates for bouncebackability is designed to help you build endurance for your body and resilience for your mind. With a strong body and resilient mind you can conquer any set-backs in life.

Keep strong and motivated through the winter months. We look forward to seeing you in the club! – Club Rhythm Team

Eat Well. Move Well. Think Well.

Healthy Low Calories Pre / Post Pilates Snack

It’s often hard to balance between eating for energy and giving yourself enough time to metabolise your meal before a Pilates session. Nothing worse than a Teaser with a full tummy – right? That’s where healthy snacks can help.

This recipe inspired from The Healthy Chef is a great idea for your pre or post-Pilates session snack. In the picture is my version with almond meal. Enjoy a thin slice and fuel your body to build your #bouncebackability.