WE TREK TO CHANGE LIVES, and this includes ours! It is a challenge, it is the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, and we proudly support Beyond Blue.

From quiet moments in the nature and self reflection, invigorating sights and challenging yourself in nature, trekking provides endless benefits both physical and mental.

  • Live Longer. Research has shown that just walking 8 km a week (approx. 10,000 steps) at a slow pace is enough to reduce your risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart failure by 31%.
  • Go down a “stress size”. Doctors are increasingly prescribing exercise such as walking to combat depression. It’s hard to argue with science. A study in the The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science found that that “exposure to nature can counteract the negative effects of stress and anxiety: Those who completed the nature walk tended toward less rumination—the acute focus on one’s distress—than those who took the urban route”.
  • Improve your balance. Hiking on trails is an excellent way to improve your balance and mental agility. The uneven surface promotes the small stabilising muscles in your ankles to get stronger and react more quickly if you lose your balance.
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Minimum 2 x Pilates Strength Sessions every week in the club will constantly and progressively challenge your body. Strength training is probably the most misunderstood method of training for trekking. But if done right, it has an incredible amount of benefits. These include: reduced risk of injury, improved movement efficiency, increased walking speed, stronger core, feeling leaner, taller are the physical benefits. Enjoying a sense of empowerment and well being are the mental benefits. After all “Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit” as its creator, Joseph Pilates, intended.

Minimum 2 x sessions of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) every week. This week and next week, allow 15 minutes before or after your Pilates session and jump on the Elliptical machine. Pick up from reception the actual training routine. HIIT might be a trend in the fitness industry but it has been used by mountain climbers and trekkers for decades. It involves short bursts of high intensity effort, followed by a recovery period. HIIT is time efficient, and it gets you fitter faster.

Minimum 2 x sessions of 3 to 5 km endurance walking every week. This training is critical for comfort and success for a long distance trekking. Your training will concentrate on building a base of walking, then increasing your km in a systematic fashion. Make sure you wear the gear you will be wearing during your trekking sessions. Being methodical, and slowly increasing the km you will give your body time to build new muscle, blood supply, and endurance.

One trekking session every second week. Sunday 14th July we start our adventure hiking along the walking trail of Morialta Conservation Park. Morialta is a spectacular area to explore. With spectacular scenery including breathtaking natural bushland, amazing rock faces, gorges and seasonal waterfalls cascading over sheer quartzite cliffs. Morialta is the best place in Adelaide where you can see Koalas in the wild. We may even get lucky and see the occasional Kangaroo or elusive Echidna.

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