We need your help! We thrive to maintain a high quality environment and professional standards which ultimately benefit you! All Pilates sessions are performed without shoes. For your own safety and hygiene please wear socks with a non-slip sole with the exception of Athletic Conditioning classes when you need to wear CLEAN sneakers. Non-slip socks can be purchased at reception. Wear comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement. Please bear in mind that this is a mixed studio so tops and shorts that don't gape are essential for everyone's ease of mind (for example tights under loose shorts).
Claim your spot! You can use Club Rhythm Online Booking system or the Mindbody App to book your classes in advance. Reservations are recommended for all our classes as they often fill up. Ensure you get into the classes you want by booking at least one week in advance.
We require non-slip socks for our Pilates Reformer and Pilates Fusion classes with the exception of the Athletic Conditioning where you need to wear clean sports shoes. You can purchase grip socks at reception.
For the safety of yourself and others – Due to the format of the class customers are NOT permitted to enter session more than 5 minutes after it starts. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your class so the session can begin on time.
If you have a multi pass (5 pack or 10 pack), you can book as many classes as you like, as long as you have the current credits required for the classes you want to book. If you need more credits you can top up your multi pass online at the same time as you book your session.

If you’ve just joined Club Rhythm on a direct debit membership, your class credits will be issued on a Saturday inline with your billing cycle. This will be every 2 or 4 weeks depending on which billing option you have selected.  Once your credits are issued you can then book all your sessions online for the next 2 or 4 weeks. The sessions are not transferable from one billing cycle to the next.

If you have purchased a multi pass you can book one or all of your sessions until you have no more credits.

If you are on a membership your class credits will be issued on a Saturday inline with your billing cycle. Depending on which billing option was selected this will be every 2 or 4 weeks. Once your credits are issued you can then book all your sessions online for the next 2 or 4 weeks. For example as a Platinum Member on the fortnightly option you receive 8 class credits on Saturday to use within two weeks, you will then receive your next 8 credits the following fortnight on Saturday. If the 4 week option was selected as a Platinum member you would receive 16 class credits to use within four weeks.

When you book your session, 1 class credit will automatically be deducted from your Multi pass. If you’re on a membership the credit will simply be deducted from your session allowance.
You can cancel your booking online up to 10 hours before the scheduled class start time. Your class credit will be refunded automatically (login to your account, select the ‘My Info’ tab, view and cancel your session). The 10 hour cancellation limit allows us to offer your spot to another Club Rhythm customer. If you cancel after the 10 hour limit your class credit will be deducted as if you attended. For private 1:1 sessions, we require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your session. To reschedule please call or send an email to reception.
When you book your place in a session we hold that place for you and potentially turn away other Club Rhythm customers from the class. Out of respect for others it’s important that you only book classes you can definitely attend.

If you are on a multi pass and miss or late cancel your session less than 10 hours before the scheduled start time then your class credit will be deducted as if you attended.

If you are on a membership and miss or late cancel your session your class credit will be deducted from your fortnightly session allowance. If you rack up 3 no-shows/late cancellations within a given calendar month your booking privileges will be suspended for a week and you’ll be cancelled from any classes you’ve already booked. You can still attend classes but will be unable to book online (you’ll need to just rock up to class and take your chances). So when you book for classes online please make sure you can attend, or that cancel at least 10 hours before the start-time.

We’ll hold your booked place up until 5 minutes before the start of class. If you’re not here by then, we’ll do our best to call your mobile phone to see if you’re still coming to the class. If we can’t contact you and there are other Club Rhythm customers waiting to do the class, we’ll give your place away – so if you’re cutting it fine, please call us to let us know you’re still on the way.
Yes! If a class is fully booked you can wait list a place for yourself. If a place becomes available in the class and you’re next on the wait list you’ll automatically be added to the class. At this time a credit will be deducted from your account and we’ll send you an email (the email address you have registered in your profile) to let you know you’re booked into the class.

Note: When you’re added to the class off the wait list, your schedule will display as “added from wait list unconfirmed”. This is an issue with our booking system- you are actually “Confirmed” so disregard the “Unconfirmed” bit.

When you put yourself on the wait list you ‘provisionally’ book yourself into that class. So, if you get into the class but miss the session then a class credit will be deducted from your account as if you attended and it will be registered as a no show or late cancel.

Note: If you wait list yourself for an early morning class, you may want to check your emails before you go to bed and again in the morning early enough that you can make it to class on time! If you aren’t able to access your emails in the morning in time to make it to class, we recommend you don’t wait list yourself overnight. You can cancel your wait list just like a regularly booked class.

Club Rhythm does not normally offer refunds except in the case where you are deemed medically unfit to participate in a class for the foreseeable future, in which case you will receive a full refund for your valid multi pass, less the $35 admin fee. All our Multi passes, 12 Month Direct Debit and Paid in Full memberships are fully transferable to another person and involve an admin fee of $35. We will gladly freeze your Direct Debit or Paid in Full membership when you give us 2 weeks notice for up to 6 weeks per year, in increments of weeks (2 weeks minimum freeze). Multi passes have a “use by” date, please check your sales receipt.
You may choose to suspend your membership for a total suspension period of 6 weeks maximum per year. This period can be extended for special circumstances and in the event of pregnancy, serious injury or illness (please provide a medical certificate).

The minimum freeze period is 14 days. Freeze periods must be in increments of weeks i.e. 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks (Monday to Sunday).

2 weeks notice is required to freeze memberships i.e. once your freeze request is received your next direct debit will be adjusted based on your request. There is also a $5/week admin fee to freeze your membership. Please note – Once a direct debit is applied NO adjustments can be made to that billing period. Therefore if you have selected the four week membership option, freeze notification is required two weeks before your next billing period.

To freeze your membership please complete the hold form and email or drop it off at reception.