Before Your First session in the club you need to complete a Health Questionnaire. Depending on your medical circumstances or if you have sustained recent injuries, we may require your doctor to provide us with medical clearance before you attend. Water bottle and/or small towel are permitted and highly recommended in the class, but please use the club’s beautiful change rooms and lockers for your bags, street clothes and shoes and make sure your phone is off!

It is very important to arrive 10 minutes early particularly before your first class. We’d love to show you around the club and we’ll need to check over your Health Questionnaire. Let your mind be free of the stress of being late and enjoy the experience of Pilates.

All group classes start promptly. For the safety and enjoyment of all participants you cannot enter class more than 5 minutes after the start time.

*The below forms are interactive and can be completed online when opened with Adobe Acrobat