The focus of this month Pilates Reformer sessions is to help you feel empowered to thrive. Using proven strengthening technique of targeting muscle groups and short brakes you will enhance your overall body performance and boost your energy levels.

Designed for YOU—the busy person who wants to get the most of your Pilates workout, this month’s challenge will “supersculpt” your body and make you feel empowered to tackle the challenges of everyday life.

The metabolism-boosting Pilates sessions will help you sizzle mega calories through the day and even while you sleep. Breathe, get aligned, move and sweat with these powerful and fun Pilates sessions.

The Benefits of this month focus:

  • Speed up workout time – while not the most important benefit, it is nice to be able to speed up a workout, particularly when you’re crunched for time. Less and shorter brakes will allow us to plan more exercises for each the session therefore
  • You will burn more calories – you will essentially increase the workout volume as you will rest only after the two or more sets are completed. The intensity of your workout will increase which will help you burn more calories.
  • Raise growth hormone levels – men and women rely on growth hormones(GH) for muscle growth and recovery. Increasing muscle mass is what will help your body to burn more fat and get lean. The GH levels increase following strength training, the perfect recipe for fat loss.

Move well @clubrhythm with Pilates Reformer!