Think Well: Reinvent your body this summer

The body has an amazing capacity for change and renewal. “You cannot take advantage of this miracle,” Chopra says, “unless you are willing to completely reinvent your body, transforming it from a material object to a dynamic, flowing process. Every cell of your body is made up of two invisible ingredients: awareness and energy.

Therefore to transform and reinvent your body you need to think beyond the tangible / physical touch of your body. You need to commit yourselves to deeper awareness transcending the obstacles that afflict your body and mind.

To reinvent your body you can now make practical use of the major breakthroughs and research in the field of well-being, neuroplasticity. We seem to alternate between relating to our bodies as vehicles for looking good and a set of problems to be managed. Yet if we consider our bodies from another perspective, i.e. being fit for the life you want to live, it gives us a different perspective and therefor access to additional “tools”. Scientists now know that the brain has an amazing ability to change and heal itself in response to mental experience. This phenomenon, known as neuroplasticity, is considered to be one of the most important developments in modern science for our understanding of the brain.

The brain is not fixed and unchangeable, as was once thought, but can create new neural pathways to adapt to its needs. This has led to an explosion of interest in the power of brain training to improve our focus, memory attention and performance.

This scientific research suggest that we ALL have access to the power of the brain. Here are some practical suggestions for tapping into the power of your brain and reinvent your body this summer.

Eat Well, Move Well and … Reinvent your body this summer!

  • Create a daily program that focuses on restful sleep.
  • Use deep breathing to help develop your awareness.
  • Practice daily mindfulness exercise like Pilates and Yoga or simply mindfulness movement e.g. walking
  • Eat a healthy diet with high concentration of phytochemicals.
  • Learn to quiet the reactive brain through self-awareness i.e. observing your reaction instead of reacting.
  • Practice self-reflection, visualisation and conscious choice-making.