Christmas is just around the corner and with it the dreaded food indulgence that inevitably descends post Christmas Day lunch.  While Christmas might well be the most magical time of the year, it’s also often the most glutinous, booze-filled and, let’s face it, exhausting period in the calendar.
But the silly season doesn’t need to mean feasting, sugar comas and over-boozing. From ensuring your meals are balanced to incorporating the season’s best produce, follow these simple tips and get some inspiration from the recipes below.  This will help you enjoy the decadence of a classic Christmas without adding to your waistline.
  1. Get a good breakfast. The surest way to fill up on sugary snacks midmorning, or overindulge at the office lunch, is to skip breakfast. Instead, make sure you make your first meal of the day your most nutritionally balanced.  Sugar-free muesli, Greek yogurt, smoothies or eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables will get your day off to the best start.
  2. Stay hydrated.  Sometimes thirst is confused for hunger. With the temperature rising, and an abundance of sugary treats on offer, it’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger, and to reach for just another truffle or piece of shortbread. Instead, keep a jug with sliced lemon, lime and mint sprigs on the bench, or your desk, and keep it topped up with water. This will encourage you to top up your glass throughout the day, and ensures you’re staying well hydrated.
  3. Pick you indulgence. There’s no end of indulgences during the silly season, from decadent cocktail parties to a fridge full of homemade sweets, and no one should have to go without. However, instead of indulging in everything choose what you most enjoy and give the rest a miss. If baking is something you love, try to prevent over catering, or opt to give away most of what you make to ensure that you aren’t over-indulging throughout the holiday season.

Raw Pumpkin Cranberry Ginger Parfait

We came across an amazing recipe ideas from Susan at Raw Food magazine online. This simple, healthy and tasty recipe will be a great addition to your Christmas lunch. The health benefits of cinnamon weren’t on my radar when I first fell in love with it. But for many years now is one of my favorite spices. There’s something about cinnamon and Christmas … The ancient Egyptians, the ancient Romans and ancient Chinese used cinnamon. It was mentioned in the Bible and was considered more valuable than gold in some ancient cultures.

Enjoy this  pumpkin, cinnamon, cranberry, ginger deliciousness. Did I mention low calorie?  No guilt either! Bon appetit!

NOTE: Just click he picture on the right for the recipe from Susan.