You have asked, we delivered! Unplug and Reboot are free sessions to help you find that inner peace where you can quiet the overthinking tendency of the brain. Inspired from the Adelaide School of Practical Philosophy with deep roots in the Advaita Vedanta tradition, this practice will help you improve your productivity, efficiency and energy levels throughout the course of the day.

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I can easily direct you to scientific articles describing what meditation does for the brain. You can find out  how the MRI scans show that after an eight-week course of mindfulness practice, the brain’s “fight or flight” center, the amygdala, appears to shrink. And if you are so inclined please do so and check one of these many articles here.

People from all walks of life are practicing meditation and mindfulness – executives, health professionals, teachers, celebrities, soldiers, athletes. In the past few years these subjects have been inundating popular media, so millions of people are trying meditation. Still, there are many people that either don’t try, or don’t continue once they try it. This is why I would like to share with you my personal challenges and also the reasons for meditating twice day, every day, for 30 minutes and how this practice has changed and continues to change my life for better.

To start with, I haven’t always been comfortable staying still for 30min and occasionally I find the practice still challenging. I have started with 3 minutes mindfulness exercise and in time I have progressed to pausing and reminding myself to re-connect with my senses several times per day. It was difficult to convince myself that I do have the time, that I do have 3 minutes to do this. It seemed futile, boring and confronting! But 9 years ago my brain wanted to explode. I couldn’t logically comprehend the anxiety and the sadness I was feeling. I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t rest and yet I had to wake up everyday, run a business, keep a happy attitude and help other people to stay fit and healthy. It is then that the 3 minutes pausing started to be my “go to” routine to find some rest and unplug from the circling thoughts obsessing my mind, to reboot my day to a clean slate, and open up for new experiences and new possibilities.

Fast forward 9 years and it is not easy but is better! A little bit like Pilates 🙂 It’s never easy but you feel more comfortable with your body, you enjoy moving and you feel better. I can get caught in overthinking, I can get stressed but my everyday meditation practice helps me to recognize that this (overthinking) is happening and I can snap out of it… I can unplug & reboot. And here are some of benefits I have discovered and continue to evolve through the practice of meditation.

NOTE: Here is a link to the Mantra description we have practiced in the AUM session.

Think Well – Love, Magda

  • Awareness of my thoughts. Once I am aware I can choose my thoughts and I can choose my actions.
  • I could have everything and yet feel miserable, anxious, inadequate. It is a story created by my mind because I could have very little, and yet feel at peace and content in my mind.
  • It helped me understand that I do have a choice to live for my resume or for my eulogy. Check the great video on this page.