As a Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Coach I have the privilege to witness how our customers transform their bodies and their lives.

And I have to say that self-belief is the first step in the process of changing your body. In fact self-belief is something that every person who has ever achieved success at anything has. Why do people succeed? It’s because of their self-belief. They believe they can do it.

kitty-thinks-lionWe all have some form of self-belief. The difference between the successful and others is that they don’t put a limit on it or let things like self-talk or self-doubt into their mindset.

In his recently launched book “Unwritten” , Jack Delosa says “…, I have learnt that the great figures throughout history all questioned their own resolve at times, wrestled with their self-belief and fought against feelings of inadequacy. The greats of this world are not superhuman icons who have reached an unattainable level of accomplishment – they too sit on beanbags in their board shorts by themselves and think and challenge and question.”
So it is no uncommon to encounter self-doubt but it is possible to change that feel of inadequacy … because at the end of the day your thinking becomes your reality. To create a positive mind-set:

  • Identify and challenge self-critical thoughts
  • Dismiss distorted views of yourself and the world
  • Stamp out negative thinking as you become naturally positive & optimistic
  • Learn to trust your own feelings and instincts
  • View change as positive stepping-stones
  • Recognise and celebrate your achievements
  • Learn to love and accept your-self

Most importantly remind yourself “Yes I Can” and don’t give up. As Jack Delosa points out learn NOT to be perfect … “ these larger than life figures find their greatness not in being perfect but in realising they never will be. This gives them the resolve to move forward imperfectly. Their virtues were not effortlessly acquired or easily demonstrated but, like everyone else, gained through hard work and the endless struggle that comes with the search of one’s true self.”